Tenants Guide

Thinking of renting a property?

We can guide you through the property rental process from start to finish. Call us on 020 7372 3000 for more information and a list of properties to Rent.


Register with a letting agent who cares about finding the right property for you - after all, the property you rent will be your home whilst living in London. Properties can be rented furnished, unfurnished or part-furnished and are usually available for a rental of one year plus. Some properties are available for shorter periods.

Regents Residential will listen carefully to your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive selection of suitable properties.


When properties are advertised with different agents it can become confusing, time consuming and difficult to arrange convenient appointment times - so we have found a way to resolve this issue.

Regents Residential can carry out viewings of properties listed with other agents as well as our own listed properties via our free "Multiple Listing Service".


All viewings are accompanied by a fully trained member of the Lettings Team who has expert knowledge and experience of the London areas. Where possible, it is advisable for all the prospective Tenants of a property to view it at the same time.

Regents Residential accompany on all viewings even if they take place outside of normal working hours.


When the right property is identified, an offer to rent is put forward to the Landlord. The terms offered form part of a package comprising price, payment terms, start date, term of tenancy, and any other special requirements.

Regents Residential will forward details of the lettings offer to the Landlord or the Landlord's Managing Agent in writing.


When the offer has been accepted an application form needs to be completed. References can be obtained by credit checking and/or the traditional method of referencing (letters from employer, bank, previous Landlord, accountant etc.). If you do not have a financial reference available in the UK be prepared to pay for the term of the tenancy in advance. In addition, copies of personal photo identity (i.e. passport or driving licence) are required in order to comply with regulations.

Regents Residential will require:

  1. An application form to be completed
  2. References and/or credit check
  3. Personal photo identity


A Goodwill Reservation Payment equivalent to one week's rent in cleared funds is normally requested whilst the formalities of referencing are carried out. This amount will be off-set against the initial rent payment due which can be paid by BACS OR CHAPS. When we are the Head Agent, an administration and referencing charge of £200.00 plus VAT is payable for each tenancy for private lets.

Regents Residential will arrange for a "Rent Statement" to be prepared detailing initial monies payable:

  1. Goodwill Reservation Payment
  2. Rent Advance
  3. Security Deposit
  4. Administration & Referencing Charge


Payments are made in accordance with the terms on the tenancy agreement; either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or the whole term in advance. The rent is usually exclusive of telephone, water, gas, electricity and council tax, and the initial rent payment is collected by the Head Agent.

Regents Residential will advise of the bank details for payment of rent.


The security deposit is usually equivalent to 6 weeks rent, and is held for the duration of the tenancy against damage and dilapidations. Some deposits can be larger, especially if there will be a pet at the property. Properties let as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) should have the security deposit protected in an approved tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Regents Residential can arrange to protect your security deposit with an approved tenancy deposit scheme.


The tenancy agreement is a contract between the Landlord and the Tenant that details the rights and terms of the tenancy. There are different forms of tenancy agreement, for example Assured Shorthold Tenancy for private individuals and Common Law Tenancy for companies.

Regents Residential will liaise between the Landlord and Tenant to obtain signatures on the tenancy agreement.


Some offers request additional items of furniture and linens - unfortunately, Landlords cannot always accommodate. There may be occasions when the Tenant will need to add their own items to the property, for instance, bed and bath linens are now classified as personal items and many Landlords do not provide these.

Regents Residential can guide the Tenant on where to purchase furniture and linens.


An inventory report needs to be provided even if the property is unfurnished. Any furniture, fixtures and fittings at the property should be listed together with a schedule of condition that includes the decorative condition of the property. Existing defects and meter readings should be noted. At the commencement of the tenancy the inventory needs to be checked by the Tenant.

Regents Residential will liaise with the Tenant regarding the checking of the inventory report at the start of the tenancy.


Utilities such as gas, electricity, water and telephone need to be transferred into the name of the Tenant at the start of the tenancy, some utility companies may require a deposit to be paid to open an account.

Regents Residential can guide you regarding the transfer of utilities.


Council tax applies to all domestic properties and helps pay for local services like policing and rubbish collection. In accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement you will be liable to register with the local authority and pay the council tax due for the property. Certain groups, e.g. students, are exempt.

Regents Residential can guide you regarding council tax.


Brochures and manuals for the appliances are usually left at the property. If they are not available for whatever reason please notify us quoting the make and model number of the appliance.

Regents Residential will liaise with the Landlord for brochures and manuals for the appliances.


Keys can only be released to the Tenant after all references have been approved, the tenancy agreement has been signed by both parties and all monies due under the tenancy agreement have been received as cleared funds.

Regents Residential will liaise with the Landlord for the release of keys on the start date of the tenancy after all the relevant formalities have been completed.


The Managing Agent of a rental property deals with a full range of Management Services including the day-to-day maintenance and repairs of the property. The Landlord will decide whether the Management Services will be done by us, the Landlord, or a third party.

Regents Residential will advise you of the Managing Agents contact details.


If the Tenant wishes to make a request to renew or extend the tenancy, Regents Residential should be advised at least two months before the end of the tenancy so that if agreed all the necessary formalities can be completed before the renewal date.

Regents Residential will liaise with the Landlord and Tenant regarding renewals or extensions of the tenancy.

E-mail or call us now on 020 7372 3000 for further information on Letting your Property.