Student Lets

Why use Regents Residential for your London student lets and accommodation?

Regents Residential assists both undergraduate and postgraduate students from Britain and around the world to rent quality accommodation in Central London during their university courses.

Regents Residential deals with all students but has a special relationship with students from the London Business School, Regents College in Regents Park and University of London. Our aim is to help students find the right private property most suited to their requirements and within the budget allocated.

Register your requirements

When properties are advertised with different agents it can become confusing, time consuming and difficult to arrange convenient appointment times - so we have found a way to resolve this issue.

Regents Residential can carry out viewings of properties listed with other agents as well as our own listed properties via our free Multiple Listing Service.

In order to register your requirements please call us on +44 (0)20-7372 3000. We need to know the following:

  • Full names and contact details of all prospective Tenants
  • The maximum budget allocated
  • Number of bedrooms required
  • Location
  • Name of the university where you will be studying
  • Course title and length of the course


Our private rental accommodation prices in Central London for students start at approximately £300.00 to £400.00+ per week for a one bedroom furnished flat. A two bedroom furnished flat can be approximately £400.00 to £500.00+ per week upwards - and some flats are unfurnished.

Deciding whether to share

If students share with a colleague both parties will be jointly and severally liable for any damages and dilapidations from the deposit, as well as joint responsibility for the rent as detailed on the tenancy agreement.


Viewings must be done as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as there is always great demand for flats prior to that start of term. All prospective Tenants that will be living in the property should come to the viewings together.


A credit check and/or traditional references may be requested together with photo ID proof of address and a right to rent code obtained from the UK Government website. Be prepared to pay the rent in advance for the term of the tenancy if you are not officially sponsored and/or financial references are not available from the UK.

Paying the rent

Rent should usually be paid from one account if you are sharing and monies coming from overseas need enough time allowed for the payment to clear by the due date. Council Tax is not usually chargeable to students but you need to register with the Local Authority and get confirmation from university of your student status.


Regents Residential does not charge any Administration and/or Contract Fees to students when acting as the Head Agent.

We value our Student Tenants during their time in London and look forward to assisting again in the future when they are settled in their careers.

E-mail or call us now on 020 7372 3000 for further information on Student Quality Lets