Property Investments & Developments

Why choose Regents Residential as your London property investment and development agent?

Regents Residential have specialist property knowledge and can offer expert advice on investment and development opportunities in and around Central London for both existing and new build projects.

Our Clients have included public and private companies, trusts, banks, property funds, property developers and private individuals. Once your investment strategy has been decided we can guide you through the whole transaction according to your requirements.

We aim to maximise the value of the property whilst keeping the risk to a minimum. We can locate development opportunities, acquire the site or building, guide on layouts, planning and valuations, recommend architects, builders and interior designers, advise on specifications and finishes, arrange marketing campaigns and PR launches, and monitor progression of sales or lettings.


Property investors usually look to achieve capital growth on their property over a number of years. Some buy-to-let investors will buy properties where the rental yield is low because they will focus more on the long term capital growth of the property.


A popular way to buy for investment purposes is with a tenancy already in force. The advantage is that there is no void rent period and the rental yield is established at the time of purchase.

Bulk Property Purchases

Some investors will purchase multiple properties, either the whole building or a large number of apartments in that building; or a portfolio of properties which can be spread over a variety of locations. By buying in bulk the aim is to obtain a discount from the Vendor.

Off-Plan Purchases

Approximately 1-2 years before a new development has been built, the developer may start to sell the units off-plan. Property investors will look to purchase the best units, either for their own rental portfolio or re-sale once the building has completed.

New Developments & New Homes

Properties can be purchased in new developments for rental. The advantage is that new build property is covered by a 10 year warrenty and insurance, have minimal maintenance and are sought after by high calibre corporate tenants who want good quality and standards.


Buy unmodernised property and improve the property as this can significantly increase the value; obtain planning (if required), extend and refurbish. The property can then be resold as a finished product, or let out as part of a portfolio.


This includes larger size investment projects which can include demolition and re-builds of existing buildings, hotels, hostels, office, pub and care home conversions or be-builds, land purchases and commercial property projects.

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