RSS Web Feeds

Get all the latest information on Properties for Sale and Properties to Rent by subscribing to our RSS Web Feeds.

What is an RSS Web Feed?

RSS is a shortened name for "Really Simple Syndication".
This is a web feed technology used by people from around the world which allows you to receive the latest information from a website directly to your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is there a charge for RSS Feeds?

No, Regents Residential's RSS Feeds are free.

How do I "subscribe" to a Regents Residential RSS Feed?

You will need an RSS Reader.
Some new browsers have built-in RSS Readers, or you can
download a free web-based RSS Reader such as:

Google Reader
Omea Reader
RSS Feed Reader (for Google Chrome browser)

Whenever you see

on Regents Residential's website, click on the link and paste the subscription URL address into your RSS Reader. Everytime you open your RSS Reader, you can obtain the latest feed information.

Which RSS feeds are available from Regents Residential ?

Properties for Sale RSS feed
Properties to Rent RSS feed
Investment Properties RSS feed

How do I unsubscribe from an RSS Feed?
Go to your RSS Feed software and delete the Regents Residential RSS Feed.